A brand should have two things:
pride and purpose.

Quality Fabric

Well Tailored

Clean Style

Sincere Design

Who Are We?

Black Genius Apparel was created to cultivate a brand identity that promotes the intellectual fortitude of African Americans.

Historically, people of color have been oppressed, marginalized and conditioned to live in a society that views us as ignorant, uneducated, uncultured, and moronic. Because societal norms do not include African Americans in the sphere of influence, generations have been born into a world of negative imagery, racial conflict, and white privilege. Thus, creating an inferior and subordinate mindset meant to demoralize and debilitate people of color.

Black Genius Apparel’s mission is to eradicate discriminatory and mythical philosophies concerning African American’s mental aptitude, while empowering, inspiring, and affirming Blackness, Black-thought, the Black intelligentsia, Black pride and the fortitude of a Black Genius.

Wear your Genius proudly!

Chief Genius,

Toya Corbett, Ph.D.

Black Genius Apparel is not affiliated with the Village of Wisdom.